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Why Hire a Professional Washing Company?

Although pressure washing may seem like an easy task to many home and business owners, it is more complicated than it may appear. The process of using the water pressure tools and equipment is dangerous, the water pressure is very powerful and can cause serious injuries. If you are exposed to the pressure stream, you can easily pierce your skin and eyes. This means that pressure washing machines should be handled with caution in every instance and preferably by professionals. Pressure washing companies have a better understanding of how to utilize all the four elements that are involved in this type of cleaning including pressure, water flow, heat, and cleaning solutions in order to have the job done as expected.

Five Factors as to Why You Need a Professional Washing Company

1. Professionals know how to avoid causing damage
It takes years and experience to learn the art of pressure washing. Washing companies train their employees on how to use the pressure washers and how to use the right pressure to remove mold, dirt, grime, mildew, and many others without causing any damage to the surface of your property.
2. Professional washers can save you time
Experts are aware of how to conduct a thorough cleaning of surfaces without causing any damage. Hiring a professional washing company will ensure that the job is done correctly. The washing service is only required once per year. However, if you choose to proceed and do it yourself without the assistance of a professional, your surfaces will become dirty again after a short period due to lack of experience and proper equipment. Therefore, in order to save on time and money, it is important that you consider hiring a professional washing company.
3. Washing companies keep up with the latest technology
Many reputable washing companies invest in the newest technology that is capable of cleaning the dirtiest surfaces. This enables professional washers to perform as expected and to your satisfaction. The latest equipment can be expensive for you as a homeowner to purchase and also to upgrade in future. Professionals also have equipment that can remove moss from your roof and concrete without having to take down your roof and gutters.
4. Professionals are able to reduce the impacts of pressure washing to the environment
Some aspects of pressure washing can cause harm to the environment. However, reputable washing companies try to make their services more sustainable. This is because certified contractors adhere to the EPA regulations in all their undertakings. Professional eco-friendly washers go an extra mile to collect the run-off water after they are through with their work. Such companies try every possible way to reduce the adverse impacts of pressure washing to the environment.
5. Professionals have insurance to cover for any damages caused
Similar to any other service, some damages may occur during cleaning. Therefore, for you to have peace of mind that any damages caused will be covered, hire professionals who have at least $100,000 in liability insurance. Remember that if you choose to go ahead and clean without an insured professional in your corner, any damages that may occur will not be covered.
Having a sparkling exterior is a good way to maintain and also increase the value of your property. Many potential buyers are attracted to well-maintained homes and will pay top dollar to own such properties. Customers will also be attracted and visit your clean business premises more often. Therefore, rejuvenate the surfaces around your workplace or home by hiring a professional washing company to remove the grime that has accumulated on your surfaces over the years.

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Do Copper Zinc Strips Actually Prevent Moss on Roofs?

mossNearly everyone agrees that moss grows in abundance wherever moisture and shade are plentiful. If people could figure out how to make rain stop and encourage days of sunshine, then moss wouldn’t be a problem. Until then most of us are faced with choosing other methods of moss removal. Unfortunately, not all of these methods work. This includes copper zinc strips. Read on to find out why copper zinc strips don’t work efficiently and what you can do to better manage roof moss.

Overgrown Moss

Roofs with massive amounts of moss rarely see much improvement after copper or zinc strips are installed. The reason is because zinc and copper suppresses growth but doesn’t stop growth completely. If you do consider using copper zinc strips for moss suppression, then it is better to completely remove moss before installing the strips.

Limited Range

Zinc strips suppress moss growth due to metallic compounds in the strip. When rainwater falls on the strips these compounds wash down to the edge roof edge. How limited is the range? Moss growing below the zinc strip will be eradicated. Everything above the strip remains unaffected. Essentially this means that only the first two rows of shingles above the roof edge will be moss free. The rest of the roof will be a moss haven.

Environmental Considerations

Before using any copper-zinc powders consider the effects run-off will have on aquatic environments. Scientists from Oregon State University advise those using copper-zinc to “avoid runoff.”

Zinc strips, on the other hand, don’t interact as directly with the environment but experts from Oregon State add “Direct runoff from the zinc strips or flashing to surrounding vegetation, fish ponds, or water supplies should be avoided.”

Other Factors

Aside from moisture and lack of direct sunlight, moss thrives in debris-strewn areas. Homeowners improve air circulation by trimming back trees and bushes that touch the roof and keeping gutters free of leaves and other obstructions. In circumstances like this, it appears that zinc strips are not a magic bullet solution to a moss-free roof.

Copper zinc strips’ limited range, environmental factors and the need to have a moss-free roof prior to installation indicates that most homeowners are better off using a professional roof-cleaning service. Not only will moss be eradicated but other roof hazards can be dealt with as well.

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The rain isn’t done with the northwest just yet. Keep your gutters clean for these reasons.

Gutter-Cleaning-PortlandThe gutters on your home often go unnoticed. The reality is that they serve a critical function. The gutters redirect water to a safe place where it cannot do any damage. You need to clean out the gutters regularly to prevent blockages. You should not stop just because the end of the summer is coming. You need to keep your gutters clean at all times for these reasons.

Prevent Damage to Your Roof

You need to take care of your gutters to prevent damage to your roof. Unclean gutters will allow water to rise up and start soaking your roof. The water can flow underneath the shingles damaging the wood and other structures. It can start to leak into your attic or inside of your walls causing massive amounts of structural damage. Maintaining clean gutters will protect your roof so that it lasts for a long time.

Stop the Gutters from Falling

Water is a very heavy substance. The gutters on your home are not really designed to be filled with water constantly. The nails or brackets holding the gutters up might not be able to support the weight. Blocked gutters could fill up with rainwater and then collapse. The gutters could fall on someone below. The gutter could partially fall and start swinging around damaging your home or injuring people. Keep the gutters clean to prevent this.

Protect Your Foundation

One of the primary reasons you have gutters on your home is to divert water away from key areas of the house. If you do not clean your gutters, then water can overflow and fall to the ground. Large amounts of water will soak down and reach the foundation. The water can actually crack or damage the foundation making your home unstable and unsafe. It is easier to keep your gutters clean than to pay a large amount for foundation repairs later.

Preserve the Fascia on Your Home

Most gutters are attached to the fascia protecting the edges of your roof. A blocked gutter can get so heavy when filled with rainwater that it rips the fascia away from the house or tears holes in it. This creates a direct route for water to get under your roof and into your house where it can cause serious damage over time. You want to have clean gutters all year long to preserve the fascia on your home.

Keep Your Walls and Windows in Good Condition

Water that spills over from a blocked or dirty gutter does not always just fall to the ground. It can actually hit your walls and house. This means your windows, walls and doors could be covered with large amounts of water whenever it rains. Window frames and doorframes are not made to endure that type of moisture. They can start to degrade, crack and stain along with the exterior walls. You want to clear out your gutters regularly to protect those important features on your house.

Avoid Slips and Falls

Gutters filed with debris will allow water to spread all over your property. The ground can become very slick and slippery when there is water pooling during a rainstorm. This increases the chances that someone walking by could slip and fall due to the water. This could cause serious injuries or even broken bones. If the person is a stranger or guest, then you might be legally liable for the resulting medical bills. You can stop that from happening by continuing to clean out your gutters.

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Why Cleaning your gutters prevents icicles and ice dams form forming?

Residents of the Northeast and Midwest know that each winter brings heavy snow. These winter storms can cause damage to your home without proper Gutter Cleaning Service. The biggest culprit is the icicles and ice dams. The gutter cleaning Portland area services such as USA Cleaning provide can save you money and inconvenience this winter.

How Icicles Form

Without Gutter Cleaning Service the winter snowfalls create damaging ice build-up. Ice forms when water is plugged off by debris that should be removed with the gutter cleaning Portland homes require. This ice prevents the melting snow from flowing through your gutters and drain spouts properly. With no place else to go, the melted snow flows over the edge of the gutters and creates long icicles that can be avoided with the gutter cleaning Portland homes need.

Where Ice Dams Come From

Ice dams can be just as troubling when one doesn’t take advantage of a Gutter Cleaning Service. Eventually the snow on your roof will melt. This happens even when temperatures remain below freezing due to the home’s heat. The run off enters the gutter which is still cold. Here it re-freezes, and it creates ice dams that stop the flow of proper drainage. If a Gutter Cleaning Service hasn’t removed existing debris, the possibility of dams increases.

Damage Caused By Icicles and Ice Dams

Without the gutter cleaning Portland home’s need, ice dams cause over exposure to the snow’s moisture. As the ice melts and the water cannot flow properly due to a home owner skipping their annual Gutter Cleaning Service the water seeps under the shingles and tar paper. Eventually this moisture will reach the plywood underneath and cause damage to the roof, soffit, and fascia.

Icicles form when homeowners ignore the gutter cleaning Portland weather necessitates. This puts strain on the gutters themselves. The added weight of these long icicles can cause the gutter to detach from the roof’s edge. With a good gutter cleaning Portland homeowners can avoid this situation.

Prevent Damage with Our Gutter Cleaning Service

The best way to prevent damage from ice is to schedule the annual gutter cleaning Portland technicians offer. Clogged gutters accelerate the process of damaging ice. Our Gutter Cleaning Service will remove leaves and debris from your gutters so that all melting snow will flow off your roof properly without leaving behind damage and destruction.

Why clean gutters

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Excellent Christmas Light Installation Service in Portland

Although holiday light displays are definitely visually stunning, they can often sometimes be very stressful to put up. This is where our respected local company USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning can come in very handy. At USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning, we offer professional Christmas lights installation in Portland. If you’re looking for Christmas light installation service that’s thorough, comprehensive and reliable, then we can easily provide it for you. As far as Christmas lights installation in Portland goes, we’re among the finest choices around.

Installing Christmas lights generally entails the use of ladders to access high roofs, and this can be extremely risky if you’re not experienced. If you’re searching for Christmas lights installation in Portland that’s 100 percent safe and dependable, you don’t have to be nervous, however. The industrious and careful professionals who work for USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning all possess extensive experience in safe Christmas lights installation in Portland. When you call on us for our Christmas light installation service, you can always feel relaxed knowing that the job is in good and seasoned hands. Don’t forget that safety should always be your top priority. If you’re serious about safety, then our Christmas lights installation in Portland is without a doubt the way to go. Our friendly and dedicated professionals take pride in their impressive safety knowledge. Since the last thing you want to do is accidentally fall off a ladder and harm yourself while trying to put your Christmas lights up, the wise option is to leave the project to skilled and talented professionals.

Our Christmas light installation service can also be convenient for helping you save a significant amount of your precious time. If you always find yourself stressed out during the holidays because of your increasingly busy schedule, then hiring us for our Christmas light installation service can be a major relief for you. If you don’t want to have to set aside hours of your valuable time thinking about your Christmas lights, we’ll handle everything for you. Not only are we specialists in Christmas light installation service, but we’re also specialists in beautiful and organized Christmas light designs. If you want a Christmas light display design that’s so wonderful that it enchants everyone who walks or drives by your home, the team at USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning can help you achieve your wish. We’re a trustworthy insured, bonded and licensed business that’s all about making customers smile, especially during the holiday season.

When our company is on hand, finding Christmas light installation service that’s honest, detail-oriented and efficient is an absolute piece of cake. Our Christmas lights installation in Portland is out of this world. Once our pros are done installing your Christmas lights, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. They’re that skilled.

If you’re searching for the finest Christmas light installation service in the area, call us at USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning now to make an appointment. Our Christmas lights installation in Portland is first-rate.


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Does roof cleaning prolong the life of your shingles?

Does roof cleaning prolong the life of your shingles?

Replacing a shingle roof can be a major financial burden. Members of Angie’s list spent an average of $8,900 to get a new roof, even when they used low-cost asphalt shingles. With high-end materials, a new roof can cost as much as three times more. The good news is, with proper care you can prolong the life of your shingles and stave off this expense.

Roof Issues to Attend to Regularly

Some roof issues have no direct negative impact on your roof’s shelf life, but some can lead to serious problems that will affect the serviceability of your roof. You can avoid shelling out big bucks for a replacement by regularly inspecting your roof for the presence of algae, moss, and lichen.

Algae, Moss, and Lichen

Algae, moss, and lichen commonly appear on roofs made of shingles, particularly on the shaded side of the house.


. Black algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) is a bacterial growth that can appear as black streaks or splotches across your roof. These streaks are actually colonies feeding off the moisture on your shingles; they usually start to grow when the algaecide applied by manufacturers has worn off.

There is not enough evidence to show that algae is directly damaging to your shingles, but many industry experts believe that this growth eventually contributes to the deterioration of your roof. At any rate, if you are thinking of selling your house, those algae streaks will certainly not help you make a sale.

Your safest bet for ridding your roof of algae would be to use a “softwash” cleaning method. Avoid high pressure blowing or blasting because this can damage your shingles. If the algae infestation on your roof is mild, and your roof slope is gentle enough to work with, you can do the roof cleaning yourself with a garden hose, a garden sprayer, a supplemental water pump, and a non-corrosive, non-toxic solution for roof cleaning. To play it safe, use a full body harness while you work.


. Mosses are tiny thick-leafed, flowerless plants that grow in carpet-like mats or clumps in damp, shady areas. Moss is bad news for your roof, and it will cause your shingles to deteriorate faster than they should.

Moss growing under the shingles can actually raise them at an angle that will allow water to enter and debris to get trapped. Eventually, this will cause your roof to leak. Moreover, when strong winds blow, raised shingles can loosen or get detached.

If you detect moss early enough, you can just remove it by sweeping it off. However, these species have spores and given the right conditions, these spores will revive your moss carpet. If you find that there is already a heavy growth of moss on your shingles, you will have to kill it by applying a solution, preferably a non-toxic one based on potassium salts of fatty acids (soap salts). Apply this only where the moss is growing.


. If you see some greenish grayish splotches on your roof, and they are not as thick or as green as moss, you probably have lichen. Like moss, lichen can spread under your shingles, cause moisture buildup, and shorten your roof’s life expectancy.

To get rid of lichen, gently scrub affected shingles with a mixture of biodegradable liquid dish soap and bleach, and then use clear water to rinse the shingles well. Many home and garden supply stores carry effective solutions for the removal of lichen and stains, but you need to make sure that the solution you choose will not corrode your shingles.

If you read up on how you can prevent moss and lichen from growing back, you will probably come across the suggestion that you install copper, lead, or zinc strips along the ridge of your roof. Some believe that when it rains, the elements in these strips flow down and inhibit moss and lichen from growing back. Not all industry experts subscribe to this method, but others have obtained good results from it.

Weighing Your Options

Cleaning your roof will help ensure that it will live out its expected life span. If you are comfortable working on the roof and are reasonably skilled as a handyman, you will probably want to save money and do the job yourself. As long as you take adequate safety measures, it should be a fulfilling challenge for you. However, if keeping your balance on a slanted surface is a problem, and you have never attempted roof jobs of any kind, play it safe and consider calling an expert. Just remember that whether you go through the DIY route or pay a professional to do this, cleaning your roof is a worthwhile investment for you.

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Our Team wishes you Happy Holidays!

This year we’re delighting residents of Portland Metro with the Holiday Spirit. Every year for the month of December our team focuses on installing Christmas lights and decorating many yards for the Holidays. If you are not capable of, or you just don’t have the time to light up your yard our team would be cheerfully assist you. From our past years of executing Christmas light installation we gained the experience to perform in a timely, decorative and proficient manner. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will try to do our best and leave all your neighbors in awe. Our monthly special includes a 10$ discount off your Christmas lights installation service. So don’t hesitate to call us at (503-995-1947) for the best deal in Portland.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our Team!

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History of Rain Gutters!

Have you ever wondered were gutters come from? Channeling water was used back in the ancient times, but wooden gutters and downspouts were invented in the early 1900’s. The wooden gutters were made out of hemlock wood or new cedar wood which were lined with zinc to prevent decay. Later in the 19th century it was a common practice to use steel gutters. Even though steel gutters lasted longer than the wooden gutters, they still rusted, decayed and lost their strength over time. Around the 1950’s industries began developing aluminum and aluminum gutters were introduced. We use aluminum gutters to this day because aluminum gutters have high durability and show signs of rust only after 20 years. In the 1960’s a machine was invented that could roll out rain gutters. This was a great invention because it allows gutters to be seamless. Seamless gutters prevent unnecessary water breaks throughout the gutter system and over 75% of homes today have seamless gutters.
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Choosing experts to clean out your gutters

Why would you want to choose USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning experts to clean your gutters this fall? Well it’s a simple answer, because we offer you a great deal. Not only do we make it a great deal but we clean your gutters safely and professionally, without causing any damage to them. Every fall we have a “special” for gutter cleaning that you just don’t want to miss out on.

Fall is an important part of the year because trees start losing their leaves and other debris gets caught in your gutters. Your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year and if they are not cleaned in time, the build-up can cause gutters to sag and depart from the fascia board. Departed gutters create water seepage which decays the interior of your home. If this occurs you will have expensive future repairs.

It may be dangerous to try to clean out the gutters on your own. If you don’t use a ladder regularly your chances of a fall injury greatly increase and if proper equipment or methods are not used you may damage your gutters. Like our other services we made this service low-cost because our main goal is to always give our customers a full satisfaction.

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Why Clean your Roof?

You look at your home; it is a beautiful house, but something about it is just not right. There’s black streaks running down your shingles and dark patches where moss is slowly eating away at them. You may think it’s time for a new roof.
Getting a new roof could be a big mistake. It is very expensive compared to a low-cost roof cleaning. More than 50% of roofs are replaced because of their dirty looks, when it’s just not a necessity. USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning offers a solution, which will solve your problem.
With a proper pressure washer and high quality chemicals, our experienced roof specialists can make your roof shine without damaging the shingles. Then we apply a biodegradable chemical preserving your roof up to a year.

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