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Ice On Roof And Gutters

Why Cleaning your gutters prevents icicles and ice dams form forming?

Residents of the Northeast and Midwest know that each winter brings heavy snow. These winter storms can cause damage to your home without proper Gutter Cleaning Service. The biggest culprit is the icicles and ice dams. The gutter cleaning Portland area services such as USA Cleaning provide can save you money and inconvenience this winter.

How Icicles Form

Without Gutter Cleaning Service the winter snowfalls create damaging ice build-up. Ice forms when water is plugged off by debris that should be removed with the gutter cleaning Portland homes require. This ice prevents the melting snow from flowing through your gutters and drain spouts properly. With no place else to go, the melted snow flows over the edge of the gutters and creates long icicles that can be avoided with the gutter cleaning Portland homes need.

Where Ice Dams Come From

Ice dams can be just as troubling when one doesn’t take advantage of a Gutter Cleaning Service. Eventually the snow on your roof will melt. This happens even when temperatures remain below freezing due to the home’s heat. The run off enters the gutter which is still cold. Here it re-freezes, and it creates ice dams that stop the flow of proper drainage. If a Gutter Cleaning Service hasn’t removed existing debris, the possibility of dams increases.

Damage Caused By Icicles and Ice Dams

Without the gutter cleaning Portland home’s need, ice dams cause over exposure to the snow’s moisture. As the ice melts and the water cannot flow properly due to a home owner skipping their annual Gutter Cleaning Service the water seeps under the shingles and tar paper. Eventually this moisture will reach the plywood underneath and cause damage to the roof, soffit, and fascia.

Icicles form when homeowners ignore the gutter cleaning Portland weather necessitates. This puts strain on the gutters themselves. The added weight of these long icicles can cause the gutter to detach from the roof’s edge. With a good gutter cleaning Portland homeowners can avoid this situation.

Prevent Damage with Our Gutter Cleaning Service

The best way to prevent damage from ice is to schedule the annual gutter cleaning Portland technicians offer. Clogged gutters accelerate the process of damaging ice. Our Gutter Cleaning Service will remove leaves and debris from your gutters so that all melting snow will flow off your roof properly without leaving behind damage and destruction.

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Why Cleaning your gutters prevents icicles and ice dams form forming?

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