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Lighting offers many faucets to your home or business. Some of those include curb appeal but more importantly, safety. In today’s world, safety is the first thing many people consider before visiting your home or business.

For our residential customers, keeping your home secure and well lit greatly reduces the chances of unwanted intrusions by thieves. Proper lighting allows the homeowner to see clearly who or what is outside, especially before opening doors.

Well lit parking lots and entrance ways greatly increases foot traffic to a business owner’s establishment. If your competitor across the street is better lit than you, then your potential customer is going to choose the location that seems safer to them.

According to the Lighting Research Centers business journal, 9,989 women out of 10,000 prefer to shop or visit a business that is well lit and are willing to drive up to 20 miles out of their way to find an area that appeals to them. Lighting is an inexpensive solution to a growing problem within our communities. The general public wishes to feel safer, to have a better line of sight and USA Gutter Roof & Window Cleaning has a full line of outdoor lighting solutions that are both affordable and eco-friendly.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are able to repair or replace you current lighting and even install new lighting where it is nonexistent.

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In addition to making your property more secure, proper lighting has great curb appeal. Your neighbors will enjoy a home that is well lit, but not overbearing. The nightscape is very appealing and can give your home or business a completely new look than its daytime appearance.

Research shows that a properly lit residence promotes better sleeping, which in turn increases your productivity the next day. Proper lighting eases the mind, the sub-conscious, giving homeowners a sense of relief they didn’t even know they needed.

Even if your home or business is already properly lit, outdated lighting systems can pose an electrical hazard or consume as much as 300 times the energy of modern lights. Every two to three years the lighting industry makes huge advances in their technology. What was green five years ago may be a complete gas guzzler by today’s standards.

Let the experts at USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning update your system today and properly dispose of the old. As with all of our products and services, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Our prices are unbeatable by any of our competitors as is our service.

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