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Welcome to USA Gutter Roof and Window Cleaning, the number one outdoor home maintenance business in the Portland area. Our team is comprised of highly skilled technicians that use the latest technology and equipment in the industry to keep the outside of your home looking new and free of unwanted stains caused by rust, mold and mildew and a myriad of other elements that nature can produce.

USA Gutter Roof and Window Cleaning offers free quotes for our roof cleaning services and our many other maintenance programs. In addition to offering our clients a free quote, each client can rely on us to provide their quote quickly and on the same day as it was requested.

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Whether you roof is stained or just has a buildup of moss, leaves, pine needles or any other debris, the specialists at USA Gutter, Window and Roof Cleaning offer solutions to get your home looking its best once again.

Our roof cleaning Portland services offers three solutions for our clients to utilize in the outdoor maintenance of their home. Dependent upon the age and style of your roof, our technicians will assist each client to determine which of our services would be most suitable for your particular need. The three techniques that we have found to offer the best results are pressure washing, broom-off technique and our state-of-the-art moss treatments for moss removal and prevention.

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Soft Roof Cleaning / Pressure Washing

One of our most effective and cost efficient services is our soft roof cleaning, commonly referred to as pressure washing. Our equipment for this service is custom built and designed for the application of roof cleaning in order to eliminate the risk of any damage occurring to your home during the cleaning process. A typical pressure washer uses pressure to clean a surface, our Landa, custom built roof washer does the exact opposite. Instead of pressure, the Landa resorts to volume which removes stains, moss and other debris that has collected on your roof while simultaneously eliminating the dangers of unnecessary wear and tear to your shingles, leaving your roof looking vibrant and new.


The alternative to pressure washing is our broom-off technique. Contrary to the name, broom-off is not as simple as it sounds. This is a very effective technique on aged roofs as well as those that are heavily sloped.

Utilizing a broom designed for roofs and bristles that are custom made for areas that need a touch of gentle versus force, our technicians are able to remove moss and other debris without causing damage to your homes roof.

Moss Treatments

We highly recommend using our moss treatment in conjunction with any of our roof cleaning Portland services. In some cases, your roof may not need a professional cleaning; however, we always recommend one of our moss treatment solutions to prevent the future growth of moss on your roof.

When using our moss treatment service, it is recommended to also use our gutter and downspout cleaning and flush out service. This will help to eliminate moss growth and keep your gutter system in the best condition possible.

Insurance and Training

USA Gutter Roof and Window Cleaning is fully licensed to do business in the Portland and surrounding areas. We are fully bonded and insured to protect our clients in the rare event of damage being caused by one of our technicians or in the event that one of our technicians is hurt while on your property. Although these cases are extremely rare, we go above and beyond to ensure that both our valued clients and techs are completely covered from unforeseeable occurrences.

Each of our staff members undergo extensive O.S.H.A. approved fall prevention training and meet or exceed all of O.S.H.S.’s standards.

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