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The number one window cleaning company in Portland, OR is USA Gutter Roof & Window Cleaning. With a fully insured and experienced crew, the lowest price in Portland guarantee, why would you look anywhere else for a professional window cleaning service?

Dirty windows can be a major eyesore to your community and they can drive potential customers away from your business. Studies show that the overall majority of shoppers prefer a well lit establishment that promotes cleanliness. Windows are the eyes of your storefront or professional office. Nothing says professional better than windows that are clear, well cleaned and gleaming.

What is your low price guarantee?

Here is how it works. USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning will meet or beat any legitimate bid offered by one of our competitors for the same service. No tricks and no gimmicks, we only ask that it is a legitimate bid from a commercial company that is licensed and bonded as we are.

How long have you been in business?

Our team has more than 20 years of experience serving the metropolitan area. Our services include roof cleaning, window cleaning, moss removal and prevention, pressure washing and professional light installations.

What are your safety standards?

All of our technicians go through extensive safety training and exceed the regulation put forth through OSHA. We are adamant that our employees maintain a safe working environment for themselves and our clients.

Do you use chemicals that are harmful on the environment?

Whether our clients are using our window cleaning service or one of our more extreme outdoor maintenance solutions, the professionals at USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning always use biodegradable chemicals and soaps. Our clients can rest assured that we are one of the most environmentally safe businesses in the Portland, OR area.

Who does USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning provide service to?

We are an extremely flexible company and serve all clients in the entire Portland region whether they are residential, commercial or a municipality. For more than 20 years we have been building our client base. We rely on word of mouth advertisements and our large database of repeat customers. You know the job is well done when more than 70% of your current business is either a referral or a repeat customer. We take pride in this and cannot wait to serve your needs.

Window cleaning is an important program for residents and business owners. Call us today for a completely free, no obligatory price quote and let USA Gutter Window & Roof Cleaning Portland help to keep your business and home looking its best for many years to come. We offer 24 hour emergency service to all of our clients.

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