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Gutters are considered the plumbing system for your roof and are a vital instrument in the proper dispersion of both rain water and snow melt from your roof to the designated drainage area. As with any plumbing or water diversion system, regular maintenance is an important factor in maintaining its integrity and proper working condition.

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Why Maintain My Gutters

There are several reasons to maintain your gutter system. Gutters filled with dirt, leaves and other debris become very heavy when saturated with moisture and can pull away from your home and in the worst case scenario, come crashing down completely. When gutters fall, they damage shrubbery, flowerbeds and in many cases can break windows and damage your fascia boards. The repair bill for this type of damage can run into thousands of dollars. More importantly, gutters that do not drain properly overflow and will flow backwards up your roof. When this happens the water will travel beneath your shingles causing moderate to severe water damage to your roof. In a very bad situation, the water may break through your roofs lining damaging the interior of your home or business.

What Happens to The Debris We Collect

Our clients can rest assured that we are a responsible company and we promote green programs for all of our waste. USA Gutter Roof & Window Cleaning will never leave debris or trash behind for our clients to dispose of. Instead, we send the debris to a recycle center to be used by our states Green initiatives. Call Us Today: (503) 995-1947

Why Not Do It Yourself

There are many reasons to leave this task to the professionals. You wouldn’t attempt to clean your chimney yourself, or re-shingle your roof unless you had the proper knowledge and tools. As with any job, there is a proper way and an improper way to perform it. Our technicians are professional and well trained in the proper techniques for both safety and inspection of your gutter system. Not only do we maintain and clean your gutters, but we make minor repairs and bring major issues to our client’s attention so that they can be addressed and repaired at your discretion. These are things that the average home or business owner cannot do themselves.

Is USA Gutter Roof & Window Cleaning Insured

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded business. All of our technicians are covered through our policies and our clients are afforded the maximum protection in case your home is damaged or one of our techs becomes injured while on your property. Don’t wait until you incur damage to your home or business. Call USA Gutter Roof & Window Cleaning today to receive a free price quote and to schedule a full inspection and cleaning for your gutters. Call Now For A Free Quote: (503) 995-1947

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