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Moss Removal Tips

Moss is an often overlooked household pest.  It can grow on just about any surface, including wooden roof shingles, railing, stairs, and decks.  Moss grows quickly in shady, cool spaces that collect moisture.  Moss can actually cause some serious problems if left unchecked, so Moss Removal should be a regular part of your household care routine.

The Trouble With Moss

Moss is a type of plant and, like all plants, can gradually damage the surface it’s growing in.  As a plant becomes firmly established within the ground its roots spread out and push the soil out of place.  Serious damage such as cracked sidewalks, buckled driveways, and split foundations can result from the growth of plant and tree roots.  A similar process takes place on a much smaller scale in the case of moss.  The surface beneath a growth of moss becomes soft and fragile over time, which leaves your home vulnerable to other problems.  A roof is less able to retain its shape; water and pests can find their way inside as the structure becomes weaker.  Moss also spreads very quickly, so a single patch is your signal to take action.

Removing Moss Patches

One simple method of Moss Removal is to let nature work in your favor.  Since cool, damp areas are favorable to moss, create a setting that is the opposite.  Expose the moss patch to sunlight and allow it to dry out.  This might involve clearing vegetation or changing your watering schedule.  This is an effective solution though isn’t right for all situations.

Moss growing on roofs or on outdoor staircases can be much harder to treat.  You can opt to use commercial Moss Removal products.  These products contain zinc sulfate and are sold in any well-stocked home and garden center; you can find them near other garden pesticide products.  Zinc sulfate products work well in many cases, though if patches of moss are very well-established, manual removal might be necessary.

Manual Moss Removal isn’t difficult though can take some time depending on how much area has to be covered.  A stiff-bristled bush or good push broom can be used to scrape the moss off the surface.  Once the surface is cleared, use another brush to scrub the surface with warm, soapy water.  This is a less expensive option, is more environmentally friendly, and works very well.

Preventing Moss

Moss grows naturally in just about any climate.  However, it can’t grow on smooth surfaces and dries up in sunlight.  Keep your roof free from debris by clearing it off at least once a year.  This will release any moisture that’s become trapped underneath.  With just a little effort you remove moss and prevent its return.

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Moss Removal Tips

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