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We love our customers!! And this is what we get in return.

I recently moved and in the process “got” to use many service providers. Movers, Well Service, Mortgage… and a Roof, Siding, Window & Gutter Cleaning Company.
USA Gutter was by far the winner of the companies I dealt with and the only one I felt deserved me passing their information on to my co-workers with a recommendation to try:

I strongly recommend them based on my experience:
1. Monte, the owner, showed up on time to give me a free bid. (Not all showed up, fewer on time)
2. Steven and James “the crew” showed up on schedule and worked with both my wife and I throughout the day to get a very challenging job done. We ran into some well problems that kept them there 4 extra hours and not once were they anything but professional and courteous!
3. There pricing was very competitive and I was able to get the work scheduled when I wanted… not when they wanted.
4. Monte followed-up AFTER the job was done to ensure our happiness with their work and that we were 100% satisfied.

I have attached photos of some results on my new house.

I told Monte (503-995-1947) that I was planning on sending out an email to recommend his service and he said that anyone that calls in June to have him look at their job would get a free moss treatment for their roof if they choose to go with his company!

Cheers and good luck,

Monte & Crew

Roof Cleaning Portland

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We love our customers!! And this is what we get in return.

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