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Christmas Lights Installation

Making your home festive for the holidays is a big job though one that doesn’t have to be impossible.  A little bit of planning will make Christmas Light Installation easier than it’s ever been.  Even complex outdoor light displays are easy to create when you know how to do it.
Tips For Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

1.  Assess your home.  What shapes predominate the architecture?  What lines are the most interesting?  Boxy colonial homes look very nice with tall vertical lines emphasizing the height of the home.  Long, low mid-century ranch houses are well-complimented by hanging icicle style lights that trace the roof’s outline.  Victorian and Tudor-style homes can be dressed up in many strands of lights to draw attention to the slope of the roof and other interesting features.

2. Install hardware.  The hangers you’ll use to secure the strands to your home should be put into place before the first snowfall.  This will make Christmas Light Installation considerably easier and safer.  Trying to balance a ladder on top of snowy ground is dangerous and snow can easily slide off a roof and strike you as you work.  Packages of small metal hooks are inexpensive and can be easily screwed into place along a roof line or around a window.  Metal eyes of sufficient size can also be used instead of hooks.

3. Inspect your lights.  Take a close look at each strand you intend to use and watch for cracked bulbs or frayed wire; if you notice these or other signs of damage, discard the strand and purchase a new one.  Only install lights that are labeled for outdoor use.

4. Estimate lights needed.  Light strands are commonly sold in lengths of four to eight feet.  This makes it easy to estimate how long your lights are when connected together.  You can determine roughly how long your house is by measuring the base and adding a few feet to accommodate for overhang.  Always round up when estimating for Christmas Light Installation Portland.

5. Secure your power source.  To avoid overtaxing your home’s electrical supply, make sure you have a surge protector.  If possible, use an outlet that isn’t readily accessed by pets or young children.  Make sure to secure any extension cords to prevent tripping.
Christmas Light Installation is a tradition in many families and you can make it a regular part of your annual celebrations.  With a little preparation and forethought, your outdoor light display will be the envy of your neighborhood.
USA Gutter installs all sorts of Christmas lights, don’t hestitate give us a call we will make sure you Christmas lights installation in Portland is done right. Our service area includes: Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Hillsboro, Milwaukie, Clackamas, Sunny Side, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Aloha, Tualatin, and every where in between. Contact us today to learn more 503-995-1947

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Christmas Lights Installation

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