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Roof Cleaning Tips

Basic Roof Cleaning And Care

It’s easy to understand the relationship between a clean house and a well-maintained house.  A home that’s cleaned and taken care of on a regular basis is going to require less extensive maintenance over the course of its lifetime.  This holds true for every part of your home, including the roof.  Residential Roof Cleaning in Portland doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and can be easily done in a matter of hours.

Before You Start

Climbing on your roof within twenty-four hours of a rain shower is not recommended; there may be hidden wet spots still present.  It’s also not recommended to do any Roof Cleaning in Portland when snow might be present on the roof.  Clean only in good weather.

Cleaning Tools

Roof Cleaning in Portland may be done by wet or dry methods.  Dry cleaning uses brooms, brushes, and similar implements to clear away leaves, twigs, branches, and debris that have collected on the roof.  Many roofs have corners that accumulate wind-blown debris very easily; these spaces aren’t always readily visible from the ground.

Clearing your roof in this manner is also a good time to inspect your roof for damage.

Wet cleaning requires water, detergent, and bleach; mix these ingredients together in a garden sprayer; a broom-length scrub brush is also useful.  You should wear heavy gloves and good shoes while working on your roof.

How to Clean

Slipping is a serious concern anytime you’re on your roof.  With precaution and care you can easily avoid this danger.  Start from the lowest edge of your roof and work upward, spraying the lowest portions of the roof.  This allows you to walk on a dry surface and avoid any water dripping down towards you.

Use the scrub brush to work the cleaning solution down into the shingles’ surface; scrub any gaps and spaces you notice.  If a second application is needed, spray and scrub the area again.

Final Tips

Never go up on your roof alone.  Have a spotter stand on the ground nearby to watch for any problems.  Check your ladder before setting it up; if you aren’t able to reach the roof without stepping above the safety line, postpone Roof Cleaning in Portland until you can get a taller ladder.  And finally, don’t try to carry too many items at one time.  Take your time and always make safety your priority.

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Roof Cleaning Tips

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