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The rain isn’t done with the northwest just yet. Keep your gutters clean for these reasons.

The gutters on your home often go unnoticed. The reality is that they serve a critical function. The gutters redirect water to a safe place where it cannot do any damage. You need to clean out the gutters regularly to prevent blockages. You should not stop just because the end of the summer is coming. You need to keep your gutters clean at all times for these reasons.

Prevent Damage to Your Roof

You need to take care of your gutters to prevent damage to your roof. Unclean gutters will allow water to rise up and start soaking your roof. The water can flow underneath the shingles damaging the wood and other structures. It can start to leak into your attic or inside of your walls causing massive amounts of structural damage. Maintaining clean gutters will protect your roof so that it lasts for a long time.

Stop the Gutters from Falling

Water is a very heavy substance. The gutters on your home are not really designed to be filled with water constantly. The nails or brackets holding the gutters up might not be able to support the weight. Blocked gutters could fill up with rainwater and then collapse. The gutters could fall on someone below. The gutter could partially fall and start swinging around damaging your home or injuring people. Keep the gutters clean to prevent this.

Protect Your Foundation

One of the primary reasons you have gutters on your home is to divert water away from key areas of the house. If you do not clean your gutters, then water can overflow and fall to the ground. Large amounts of water will soak down and reach the foundation. The water can actually crack or damage the foundation making your home unstable and unsafe. It is easier to keep your gutters clean than to pay a large amount for foundation repairs later.

Preserve the Fascia on Your Home

Most gutters are attached to the fascia protecting the edges of your roof. A blocked gutter can get so heavy when filled with rainwater that it rips the fascia away from the house or tears holes in it. This creates a direct route for water to get under your roof and into your house where it can cause serious damage over time. You want to have clean gutters all year long to preserve the fascia on your home.

Keep Your Walls and Windows in Good Condition

Water that spills over from a blocked or dirty gutter does not always just fall to the ground. It can actually hit your walls and house. This means your windows, walls and doors could be covered with large amounts of water whenever it rains. Window frames and doorframes are not made to endure that type of moisture. They can start to degrade, crack and stain along with the exterior walls. You want to clear out your gutters regularly to protect those important features on your house.

Avoid Slips and Falls

Gutters filed with debris will allow water to spread all over your property. The ground can become very slick and slippery when there is water pooling during a rainstorm. This increases the chances that someone walking by could slip and fall due to the water. This could cause serious injuries or even broken bones. If the person is a stranger or guest, then you might be legally liable for the resulting medical bills. You can stop that from happening by continuing to clean out your gutters.

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The rain isn’t done with the northwest just yet. Keep your gutters clean for these reasons.

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